Garnet Valley Elementary School 5th Grade

Garnet Valley Elementary School

5th Grade

The Docents at the Virginia Merion DeNenno History & Educational Center, at the Pierce-Willits House on Smithbridge Road, were happy to host 300 fifth graders from Garnet Valley Elementary School, on October 18 and 19.  This was the 2nd time the 5th grade visited us (the first time was last June).  Colonial history is the focus of their social studies program in the fifth grade, so the exhibits at our museum were perfect for illustrating how life was lived during the 18th and 19th centuries in Concord Township.


The class of 300 was broken down into 4 visits of about 75 each.  Each visit was further broken down into 3 sections, so that each section would rotate through 3 stations:

Station 1 – Our west room which features a colonial walk-in fireplace, exhibiting the implements typically used by the women on the farm, illustrating the work involved and their arduous life.

Station 2 – Farm Life, which exhibits the various tools on the farm to show the importance of the horse and human effort in making the farm a successful endeavor.

Station 3 – Outside the museum, with buildings that were part of the original farm, and others that were typical in colonial times.


The students were actively involved in questions and answers, and had a lively interest in all that was presented.  It is the hope of CTHS that these visits will continue in order to bring our local history to life for our children in a way that engages them.


Did You Know?

Paper for the first U.S. Currency was produced by the Wilcox’s Ivy Mills

Ivy Mills Property