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Karen Dingle Kendus is a native of Concord Township, who is the 4th generation to live in the Newlin House in Elam. Her father grew up on the property, and instilled in Karen a great respect for learning and understanding history. She went on to earn a B.A. in International Economics and Politics, and an M.A. in Political Science. Both curriculums included plenty of history courses.

When she is not writing and researching for the Concord Township Historical Society, Karen enjoys going for long runs in cold weather, learning French while practicing German, and traveling to historic United States landmarks and Civil War battlefield sites with her husband when she can squeeze it in. Karen currently works at U.S. Bank in the Quality Assurance department and lives with her husband and her cat in West Grove, Pennsylvania.


January Article:  Polecat Road House – The Historic Landmark that Started It All – Part I

February Article:   Polecat Road House – The Historic Landmark that Started It All — Part II

March Article:  The Greens in Beaver Valley

April Article:  Faith in Concord;  Elam United Methodist Church

May Article:  Early Taverns in Concord

June Article:  Temperance

July Article:  The Mills of Concord

August Article:  Early Automobile Laws in PA

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Did You Know?

The first three Christian congregations (Quaker, Anglican & Catholic) in Concord defied their history of bitter enmity, even violence in England by living cooperatively in the New World.

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