Polecat Road House

Circa 1967

194 Polecat Road

This early tenant house, built prior to 1750, is on Polecat Road across from Fox Valley Lane, in the Fox Valley Development. It is a simple, small, stone structure, originally built for two families. Each side of the building has one room on the main floor, a basement, and a loft area, served by a corner stairway. Each family unit has a corner fireplace on the main floor, sharing a common chimney. The wooden partitions separating the two sides have been removed.

William Trimble operated a saw mill near this house, and it probably was the home of mill workers.

This house was donated to Concord Township in 1967 and restored by the Concord Township Historical Society.

Present Day

It is Historic Resources #141 on the Concord Township Historic Resources Inventory, protected under the Historic Preservation Ordinance.





Did You Know?

Paper for the first U.S. Currency was produced by the Wilcox’s Ivy Mills

Ivy Mills Property