The difference between the Society and the Commission

Concord Township has two groups which are both interested in preserving our local history, but each has its own particular focus.

Concord Township Historical Society

Organized in 1967 to preserve a circa 1750 millworkers home, it has since broadened its mission to “collect, preserve, and share our local history“.  The Society is a non-profit organization, open to the public, that relies on membership and donations.  The Headquarters and Museum are located at 659 Smithbridge Road, in the historic Pierce-Willits House.

Concord Township Historical Commission

Formed in 1997, when the Historic Preservation Ordinance was enacted, its mission is to “administer the ordinance, according to its provisions“.   Basically, the ordinance is focused on protecting the properties on the Historic Resources Inventory from unnecessary demolition, and to provide ways to encourage preservation of these important resources.  The five member commission is appointed by the Town Council.  Click here to see the Ordinance


Did You Know?

The mushroom industry was first introduced to Concord at the Willits Farm on Smithbridge road

Pierce-Willits House